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If you are looking for a taxi in Rijswijk, you are in the right place with Den Haag Tax. We provide various taxi services in and around Rijswijk. For instance, when you want to go from Rijswijk Station to home, our taxis in Rijswijk can bring you home comfortably, safely, and quickly. This is the solution for moments when you have luggage or other items with you. Additionally, a taxi can drop you off right at your doorstep or another location, a significant difference from public transportation where you have to walk to stops and boarding points. Our taxi service in Rijswijk also has drivers who speak Dutch and English. For all rides, our drivers are dressed professionally. With a taxi from Den Haag Tax in Rijswijk, you will arrive quickly, safely, and professionally at your destination.


Taxi between Rijswijk and Schiphol

Did you know that you can also travel from Rijswijk to Schiphol with our taxis? Den Haag Tax also offers its airport service in Rijswijk. With this airport service, you will be taken directly to the airport. This also applies to trips from Schiphol to Rijswijk. The significant advantage of the additional taxi service in Rijswijk is that you can travel to and from Schiphol at night. This is in contrast to public transportation, as NS trains, for example, do not run to Schiphol at night. People with night flights are then dependent on their own transportation. By choosing a taxi in Rijswijk, you ensure that you arrive at the airport on time. This also applies to people who want to travel from Schiphol to Rijswijk at night. Choosing a taxi in Rijswijk provides much more peace and comfort during the journey.

The Rijswijk taxi center

Our taxi center in Rijswijk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn't matter if you are traveling alone or with a group. Our group transportation can transport up to 16 people at once. If you are with a smaller group, there is the option to choose an extra luxurious and comfortable taxi bus. This makes the journey even more comfortable. The drivers working for Den Haag Tax in Rijswijk and The Hague are highly skilled and customer-focused. Moreover, our drivers are familiar with all roads in and around Rijswijk. This ensures that you reach your destination quickly and safely.

Ordering a taxi in Rijswijk

The fixed taxi fares for Rijswijk are published on our website. These prices give you an indication. Here, you can find an overview of the rental costs of a taxi in, among other places, Rijswijk. You can also view the price of a taxi from other cities in and around The Hague. You can easily book a taxi online through our website. Another option is to contact us via the number 070-2127155. Recently, it has become possible to order a taxi in Rijswijk via WhatsApp. This way, you can always reach us when you need us.

Other taxi services in Rijswijk

In addition to our standard taxi services, we also offer the care taxi in Rijswijk. With the care taxi, we are happy to assist people who, for example, need to go to the hospital or the doctor. The care taxis are much more informal because we have noticed that many people appreciate a nice conversation during the ride. That's why all our drivers speak good Dutch. Additionally, we are happy to take the folding wheelchair or walker for you. With the care taxi in Rijswijk, you will certainly arrive at your destination safely and securely. Besides the care taxi in Rijswijk, you can also use the taxi for the elderly and many other taxi services.

Why Den Haag Tax?

Den Haag Tax is not just a taxi company; as you now know, we can also be hired for other services. So, we are not only your taxi center in Rijswijk, but we are also active as a parcel service. For example, if you urgently need to deliver a package, we can help you with that. We ensure that the package is delivered to the desired destination as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, you can choose between business transport or even VIP transport with us. For example, if you need to be at the right location for a meeting or if you have to be at different locations all day, we are happy to help with transportation. We do our best to make your experience as optimal as possible.

Do you have any questions for us? You can always contact us for any questions, but as you know, you can also call us to book a taxi in Rijswijk. We look forward to safely taking you from A to B in the future.

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Rotterdam / The Hague Airport€45

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Schiphol Taxi

From The Hague

  • Competitive Rate
  • Comfortable Taxi
  • Payment with Debit Card Possible

Schiphol Taxi
(pick up)€75

From The Hague

  • Competitive Rate
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  • Payment with Debit Card Possible

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